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At the Open University of Hong Kong, the Institute's focused research areas include:
Academic Analytics
and Big Data Techniques
Online, Mobile,
and Blended Learning
Learning Design
and Innovative Pedagogy
Open Education Open Educational Resources Massive Open Online Courses
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About Us
The Institute for Research in OPen and INnovative Education (IROPINE) promotes and conducts research in emerging topics, practices, technologies, and systems that make an impact on educators and learners. IROPINE brings together global experts and helps advance the Open University of Hong Kong's mission to make flexible and quality education available to all.

IROPINE builds on the University’s two decades of research on open and learning and flexible education, which dates back to the Centre for Research in Distance and Adult Learning (CRIDAL) founded in 1997.
Professor Reggie KWAN Ching Ping
Deputy Director
Dr LI Kam Cheong
Professor Danny WONG
Shek Nam
Yuen Mei
Professor Andrew LUI
Kwok Fai
Dr Kris WONG
Wai Ning
Professor Linda LEE
Yin King
Kin Sun
Dr Franklin LAM
Sze Sing
Dr Vanessa NG
Sin Chun
Dr Simon LAM
Dr Oliver AU
Tat Sheung
Dr Henry CHOI
Ming Fai
Dr Samuel CHOI
Ping Man
Suet Lai
Ms Ivy YAU
Sui Yu
Ms Caroline CHARM
Yee Chong
Dr Billy WONG
Tak Ming
Dr Kevin SO
Kin Lam
Ms Beryl WONG
Yuen Yee
Distinguished Professors
Professor Alan TAIT Professor Gwo-Jen HWANG Professor Dragan GAŠEVIĆ
Research Associate
Dr Manfred WU Man Fat
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At the Centre for Research in Distance and Adult Learning (CRIDAL), the University already supported and carried out research in related fields since 1997. The Centre was transformed as the University Research Centre (URC) in 2012. Related research has been supported or conducted by the Centre. Relevant projects of OUHK are in this list of projects.
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Upcoming Event(s)
12 - 14 July 2017"2017 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education"
Past Events
16 March 2017Seminar by Mr Alex Wong and Dr KC Li
"Open Education and Higher Education in Hong Kong"
6 February 2017Seminar by Mr Gu Xiaohua
"An Analysis of Current Policy of Open and Distance Education in China"
6 January 2017Seminar by Prof. Gwo-Jen Hwang
" Learning Behavior and Interactive Pattern Analysis – Methodology, Tools and Practices"
30 December 2016Seminar by Prof. Philips Wang
"A Multi-level Recommender System for E-learning"
14 December 2016Workshop by Prof. Jiyou Jia
"Internet plus Education or Education plus Internet? – The Latest Research Trends of Online-Learning and Technology-Enhanced Learning in Mainland China"
30 November 2016Workshop by Prof. Norman Vaughan
"Blended Learning: Approaches, Trends, Research and Publication Opportunities"
17 August 2016Seminar by Dr Yuen Kin Sun
"My Research Studies on Open and Distance Education"
8 July 2016Distinguished Professor Lecture by Professor Alan Tait
"The Story of ‘Open’"
7 July 2016Launch Ceremony of the Institute
6 July 2016Workshop by Professor Robert Tennyson
"Enhancing Computer-based Instruction in Higher Education with Applied Psychological Research and Theory"
6-8 July 2016The Third International Conference on Open and Flexible Education
9 May 2016Seminar by Dr WONG Tak Ming Billy
"Publication trends in open and innovative education research"
22 February 2016Seminar by Dr LI Kam Cheong
"New Developments in Open Learning and Innovative Education"
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Contact Us
Telephone: +852 2768-6786
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