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List of projects
2016Academic analytics in open and distance education
2016Impact and success factors of open textbook
2016Learning Analytics and Higher Education Development: Towards a Research Agenda
2016Mobile Learning: Innovative Research Topics and Applications
2015Applications of Learning Analytics in Educational Research
2015Teaching Effectiveness of Massive Open Online Courses
2014A qualitative study on the needs of student affairs services in OUHK
2014Business models for offering free courses
2014Effectiveness of blended learning in pilot business courses
2014Enhancement of higher-order thinking and learning performance through metacognition development
2014Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile learning in nursing education
2014Open education versus flexible education: Divergence and convergence
2014Profiling the characteristics of MOOC platforms
2014Reconceptualizing analytics in education: A quest for a common ground
2014The Study of the Effectiveness of Institutional Policies on Technology-enhanced Learning: A Conceptual Review
2013Flexible Learning: Dimensions and Learner Preferences
2013Learning engagement of distance learning students
2013Open Educational Resources in Hong Kong
2013Providing MOOCs by Hong Kong institution-opportunities and concerns
2012Between technology and learning: Emerging possibilities and challenges for learning materials to become open
2012Development of an information database of journals relevant to distance and adult learning
2012Rebuilding CRIDATA as a database of contacts for scholars in ODL and academic units working on research in ODL
2011Blended learning pilot courses: A quest for effective instructional approaches
2011Learner transformation: an analysis of blended learning courses
2011Quality assurance in open and distance learning: An audit of published research in the last decade
2009Measures which reduce student dropout: Pilot testing and evaluation
2009Reasons for student drop out at the OUHK
2006Replacing face-to-face tutorials by synchronous online technologies–challenges and pedagogical implications
2006The relationship between self schema, regulatory strategies and cultural factors in a virtual learning environment (CERG Project)
2005Developing a computer-assisted programme selection kit for school leavers and adult learners in Hong Kong (CERG Project)
2005The development, validation and use of a Distance and Open Virtual Learning Environment Scale (DOVILES) (CERG Project)
2005Web-based interactive tutoring system
2004An intelligent online assignment marking system
2004Automatic message analysis tools for the monitoring and evaluation in discussion forums
2004Evaluation of OUHK programmes in Mainland China
2004Going on-line - Enhancing an open learning environment
2004Learning science at a distance: Students' perspectives of practical work
2003CD-ROM evaluation project
2003Direct and indirect effect of on-line learning at OUHK
2003Student's use of tutorial support at OUHK
2003The perception of distance educators and learners about Web-Based Instruction (WBI) in selected Asian open universities
2002Guidance at a distance: Developing an interest inventory for adult Learners in Hong Kong
2001A comparative study of the administrative style, educational processes, and outcomes of selected Asian Open Universities
2001Access to distance education by Asian women
2001An investigation of the problems experienced by OUHK students who are prison inmates
2001Learning activities, aging and expertise, and metacognitive knowledge of older adults in Hong Kong
2000Factors that enhance achievement in open learning: A case study of high vs. low achieving students at OUHK
2000Student attrition at OUHK: A preliminary investigation
1999A database of experts and their expertise in distance/adult education: An Asian inventory
1999Employer and student perceptions of OUHK
1999Learning about learning: A focus on problem-based learning in distance education
1999Learning about learning: A focus on problem-based learning in distance education - 2nd cycle
---Cultural issues in adult and open science education in China
---Open and distance education in Asia